Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tool #5
  1. Here us a link to the Wordle I created to use at the beginning of the year as an introduction to fifth grade. Students could use as a platform to ask questions in a letter to me about fears/expectations/goals/hopes. It would also be a set for students to use to create a Wordle about themselves. It would be a good model. I had one problem with Java. It installed, but not completely, so I am not sure how the Wordle saved.
  2. I created a book in TikaTok which is a really cool tool.  I think each kid could easily set up his/her account using school email address.  It is very simple and even lets you use story starters.  I would definitely use this with fifth graders.  I think they would have fun creating fiction stories using the prompted story starters.  It would help with the organization of the story.  In addition, they can create their own totally open ended story without prompting. It is very user friendly.  I highly recommend this site.   I saved the story, but I am not sure how to embed it into the blog.  It is 11 pages  and I haven't figured out how to condense it.I will add it when I figure out how. I tried StoryJumper, too.  I created a story in there, too hoping I would have the option to embed in my blog.  To be honest, I liked TikaTok better.  I was unable to embed StoryJumper, too.  In the process, I did figure out how embed my Wordle and recreate my Voki and then embed.  
  3. I set up Glogster account, but I haven't made anything yet, because I can't decide what I want to use it for.  It could be really cool for Regions projects in the fall.  Students could embed all kinds of information into the document- from pictures to videos, to audio, to text.  I may make a sample Texas Glogster poster.  I spent some time looking at really cool Glogster pages.  I searched, top 100 Glogster Posters.  It has great potential especially for fifth graders who are researching and can create more complicated projects. 


  1. Lisa, Tikatok has changed. It looks like they used to offer embedding options, but no longer do. Did you look at Story Jumper or Storybird? They are easier to embed. You can take a screen shot of your wordle. Your wordle is great! Lots of great terms for all that you do in your awesome fifth grade classroom! You can take that embedding code under it, copy and paste into your blog. Just make sure you have the HTML code tab open in your blog post. Glogster is a very motivating tool. I used it with my PGP kids last year. Fifth graders would take off with this tool and all of the options it offers to display their research.

  2. I am going to look at StoryJumper now. I will try to embed Wordle now.

  3. Oops! I just deleted my Animated character self in an attempt to make sure I had HTML on...