Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tool #7

I viewed all of the sites listed as possible resources for online collaboration and really only see a way to use Skype or Edmodo practically in my classroom. I used Edmodo this past year and linked both my morning and afternoon classes to each other. I used it in Language Arts for commenting about read aloud. Students from more than one class were commenting about predictions, character actions, etc. The objective was to allow students to hear other perspectives than the ones in their immediate class. This was also helpful because by requiring all students to comment, it forced some students who were not verbal to share their opinions. 
a)     I will use Edmodo again this year, but expand to other Language Arts' classrooms in fifth grade.
b)     TLW communicate opinions and use support from text and life to support opinions
c)     I plan to implement this with the first shared read aloud. We usually pick a read aloud from the Bluebonnet List to do as a grade level. ( Possible with Escape Under the Forever Sky)
d)     We will use Edmodo as the communication tool. The teacher will be essential in keeping the pacing on track. Students will need to be in the same place in the book to make comments that stimulate conversations.
Teachers will start the conversation by posting questions that are open ended to students about the plot, character and themes. Students will be required to post a response weekly. Their responses may stem from teacher prompt or from the thinking of another student. This will not only get students thinking about literature and the world, but will also show them how to use the social media tools as a communication tool. Also, students will be forced to think about how others perceive their written word

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  1. Lisa, I like your ideas regarding using these tools with the class read aloud. I also see uses to incorporate our History Alive text, especially on Edmodo. I used it a lot last year for reading, but not for history. I think we could stimulate some interesting conversations.