Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool #6.

1. I have a GoogleDocs account and I already use it. The document that I created with the help of Sally, Cheryl and Lisa is along the side of the page. I do not like the way that embedded and you cannot see the comments that we made together. I am getting a bit frustrated at my inability to do all of this with ease. It seems that I should be able to insert and embed with no problem. I can see how these tools are useful int eh classroom. I am not sure how embedding them into this blog is that useful. That is causing me more grief than the actual work of learning to use the tools.

2. I am trying to use Wallwisher to create a page, but apparently I created an account with my email and I do not remember doing this. It must have been several years ago. I am waiting for them to get back to me to reset up my account. It is not working.

I can see using it as a place for us to brainstorm, much like we already do with post it notes. We need more technology in the classroom for it to be really effective as an interactive tool. I think it would be great to have students working on a unit in history and to be able to post their questions, comments. It would also be great for a read aloud as a sound board. That way we would not have to wait for everyone to come up to the board. They are both effective, but Wallwisher will be a bit more permanent.

3. TodaysMeet is super easy to use. I would love to use this in my classroom. It is a super easy way to have a conversation while a discussion is going on. It requires multi-tasking, but I think most kids are doing this in their heads anyway. What a super way to do this! I will put a link to todaysmeet on here. There is not need to link to my page, because you can put a time limit on the amount of time you want to keep your meeting open. I think it is a great simple way to get more kids interacting. The meeting could stay open for a few days. You could even use it as a daily reflection place, much like a blog, but it is less permanent and pertains to only that lesson/topic. I like that it is more temporary.

4.  I checked out CoverItLive.I do not really see a place for it in the elementary classroom- maybe Olympics.  So much other stuff is very unpredictable if live.  So, I will not be using it in the classroom unless someone can convince me otherwise. Plus, there is a fee for using. 

5. Poll Everywhere is also easy to use.  I can also create a poll in Blogger as one of the gadgets.  I guess the nice feature of Poll Everywhere is that it can be accessed from several places, but on a blog, all I would really need is the Blogger feature. The poll feature would be great to use with predictions about events that students predict in a book.  It could also just be used as a human interest to connect with students- Polls for plans, favorite activities at field day, etc... There is a Poll on this blog that I created with Poll Everywhere.

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  1. Lisa, you are doing great. I believe you are the first to even try embedding a google doc. I haven't tried this yet, but will look at it now that I see you have done it. I think when you embedded it, it was in the "gadget" section of your blog, which limited the space. But you are doing a great job. Wallwisher will be worth it for your classroom. Hopefully you will get your password soon.