Monday, July 30, 2012

For Tool #8, in your post:
  1. I learned how to create an additional account for Itunes that is not for personal use. That was helpful. Hopefully, I will separate personal from school use. I also learned that KACE has a district approved list of software to download. That was new information for me. I may have learned it before, but it didn't register with me the first time. I also learned a good way to label each device- Room 300-A, etc...
  2. I plan to label each device as listed above. I will have each student log into each mini and regular laptop in my room at the beginning of the year within the first couple of weeks. That should help with the speed of logging into the computers. In addition, I will teach each student to charge the devices. It will be apart of the logging in station. I will identify a qualified few students to help me manage the charging of the computers to make sure they are properly stored. I will also make sure students know how to shut down and log off properly. That was a problem last year and it froze up many of our devices. We plan to use Google docs a lot which means I am going to urge parents to sign the e-mail waiver. Since we purchased keyboards to go with IPads, students will use them for word processing and editing. With the Dells, Ipads, and MiniDells we should actually be able to make great progress with writing this year and more student collaboration. The most important aspect is going to be to make sure students know how to use the equipment and trouble shoot, so they are not stuck and unable to move forward. This beginning of the year training is going to be essential.

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