Thursday, June 21, 2012

For your Tool #3 Assignment:
  1. The video above is supposed to be a link to Youtube for "I'm Just a Bill" that I have used before in my classroom.  I was trying to embed it into the blog.  I was not able to make it a hotlink.  I will try again in a new post.  
  2. I had some trouble with teachertube and school tube.  I did not find it to be very user friendly.  I do not anticipate using them very much. 
  3. Instead,  I will go directly to Discovery Education for support for history and language arts.  I found several language arts links that I will be able to use in teaching my language arts curriculum.  I will be teaching mini lessons about grammar and punctuation and there are some videos I will embed into my lessons.  I think linking some to my Edmodo page make sense, too.  This is a short clip about punctuation.
  4. I went to and discovered that there are several videos that I could use to support the reading that we do in history and tie it in to LA with the novels we are reading.  I could get really individualized and download various support links for different novels that students are reading.  The hardest part about reading historical fiction is having enough background knowledge to follow the story and notice what pieces are of historical significance. I find that most of the time the kids ignoret he history and just read the plot.  They would notice and learn more if they had a but of the history.  I can't teach it all, especailly when students are reading various novels.    This will be a great tool to support what the students are reading. THis particular link is about the depression and riding the rails.  It reminds me a bit of Bud, Not Buddy, but I found that Cynthia DeFelice has a  novel called Nowhere to Call Home that directly relates to this video.  I discovered a great site called that lists several novels/book based on genre and historical period in time.  I will be using that site again.
  5. No. 3- I was not aware of the re-purpose and add value part of the copyright law.  That video was helpful for me to understand how to re-use pictures and make them useful for others in a different way.  
  6. I created a Dropbox account and added some documents into it.  I also added it my phone. It will be useful for times when the SBISD server is not available.  I can access my documents easily from there.  I am not sure how I will use it with the class. I will see how my colleagues use and copy the ideas that I like.  

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  1. Transformation of something they find digitally is the key with copyright. Besides, this leads to higher level thinking.